University of Southern Maine

USM understands the importance of video. Starting with one program, then growing to every program in the school, they are utilizing videos to highlight, and inform students about their various degree programs.

Our relationship with USM has been one of constant growth. Starting with just a few short web videos, we have now produced dozens of commercials, highlight videos, social videos, and student testimonials.

Our locations ranged from the main campus, to local partners. It was very important that we showed not just who USM is, but what impact they have on the community.

Client Details

Client: University of Southern Maine

Agency: Rinck

Date: June 2015 – Present

These are always very fast paced projects. Most of our shoots have involved multiple teams, shooting at various locations at the same time. Most days we were able to shoot between 8-12 videos per day on this schedule.

Unique Features

One of the unique things about these videos is how much they highlight the collaboration between students and faculty. It is one of the main features that sets USM apart from other Universities, and it was so important to capture in these pieces.


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