VetriScience laboratories is a leader in the pet health industry. They create nutritional supplements for companion animals so that they can live healthier, fuller lives.

We partnered with VetriScience to promote their GlycoFlex product. This revolutionary supplement improves joint health in dogs. We were amazed at the customer enthusiasm for this product.

As we shot several testimonials, people would hear what we were doing and run up asking if they could share how much they loved the GlycoFlex product. It was great to promote such a successful supplement.

Client Details

Client: VetriScience

Rinck: Rinck

Date: 2017 – Present

We were new to the world of Dock Dogs. Our entire team was blown away by the dogs and their owners, as well as how tight this competitive community is with each other.

They were not just willing to work with us, but they also helped each other. They truly are a family.

Unique Features

This was our first time flying a drone with trained animals. Timing the jumps with the shot was always a challenge.


These videos drove a significant amount of traffic on Social Media for VetriScience.

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